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Community Involvement

North Shore Steel is a third generation family-owned company that has always believed in the importance of a strong community.  Our company’s CORE VALUES of Improvement & Service is engrained into everything we do.  It is part of the North Shore Steel culture, and we are proud to have such a strong team of dedicated professionals who are care so deeply about serving something greater than self.  Our company takes pride in supporting non-profit organizations that have a proven track record of success in helping those with need in our community. 

A grassroots employee-led group formed in 2016 and it has been named the “North Shore Steel Justice League.”  Since its creation, the NSS Justice League has helped support non-profit organizations including (but not limited to): Houston Food Bank, Houston Habitat For Humanity, Texas Special Olympics, Career Gear Houston Mission Possible Program for military Veterans, Team Sponsor for the Houston Rodeo Run (Supports Houston Educational Scholarships) & Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Run/Walk(Support Our First Responders).  The NSS Justice League also created a “Gratitude Campaign for First Responders” at Thanksgiving time, where we purchased Starbuck’s gift cards and sent our team members/managers out to randomly buy our local fire/police/EMT’s coffee/drink to say thank you for their service to our community.  The Justice League also hosts/sponsors special events or giveaways to thank our incredible team members across every department/entity of our company.  

North Shore Steel is also proud to support Career Gear Houston Mission Possible Program for military Veterans as a table sponsor at the Champions of Freedom Luncheon on May 13, 2019.    

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Justice League is focused on the mission of creating a prosperous workplace for our colleagues, significant value for our customers, all while making a positive impact on our community. 

SLOGAN: “Ensuring OUR team and community are as STRONG as the STEEL we sell”


Justice League Executive Committee

Lily Lambert, Chair

Alvaro Benavides, Vice Chair – Marketing

Elizabeth Auderer, Vice Chair – Engagement & Membership

Araceli Sandoval, Treasurer

Carmen Pittman, Secretary


***To get in contact with the Justice League, please feel free to email Lily Lambert, Chair of the NSS Justice League at Lily@nssco.com.

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