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Oxy-Fuel Burning Services

North Shore Steel offers oxy-fuel burning services for plate up to 10" thick. Our oxy-fuel burning machines are computer-controlled to provide precision cutting capable of reproducing unique designs to fit your burned part needs. Our highly trained staff strives to provide the most cost-efficient solution that meets your budget and time frame.  Our oxy-fuel machines run on 160’ of continuous table, meaning we increase throughput and minimize material handling.

Heavy Plate Burning

What is Oxy-Fuel Burning?

Oxy-fuel burning, or flame cutting services, is a cutting process that uses a combination of oxygen and fuel gases to cut metals. The cutting technique uses a variety of gases and fuels, but the most common fuel is acetylene. The cutting process begins by heating the metal to its kindling temperature with a torch, causing the metal to ignite. Oxygen is trained on the metal, burning it into a metal oxide. The new metal oxide falls off the intact material, wiping away the majority of the leftovers. The heat produced by the metal oxide is what actively continues the cutting process.

Benefits of Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Oxy-fuel cutting machines create a clean, smooth surface finish. Different types of gasses will create different outcomes in performance. Natural gases produce an excellent performance at the lowest cost per foot of cut. Propane creates smoother cut edges at a slower rate, cost less than other techniques, and has a lower risk of edge hardening. Propylene has a higher heat release and is highly recommended when cutting steel materials.

More Capable

Can Cut Up to 10” Thick

160’ of Continuous Table

Better Quality

ISO 9001:2015

100% Traceability

Highly Reliable

Dedicated Sales Team

Numerous Multi-torch Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machines

Shapes Formed by Oxy-Fuel Cutting

North Shore Steel is capable of cutting steel plate into the shapes you need, using our oxy-fuel cutting machines. We have numerous multi-torch oxy-fuel cutting machines ready to cut your custom parts and shapes made to measure. The cutters allow the machine to make different shapes, angles, and sizes with metal plate.

Materials Cut

Our oxy-fuel cutting machines are capable of cutting almost all grades of carbon and alloy steel plate. Oxy-fuel cutting is one of the oldest forms of cutting and is extremely accurate when cutting metals at a constant speed. This technique is efficient for cutting thick ferrous metals. These machines cannot cut aluminum, nickel, and stainless steel due to the lack of carbon.

Common Industries and Applications

Oxy-fuel cutting machines are versatile and can perform multiple operations giving businesses an advantage by reducing the need for larger physical space and eliminates the purchase of other types of equipment. Oxy-fuel cutting services are commonly used in the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Oil & gas
  • Mining
  • Railroad
  • Construction
Oxy-fuel cutting Tubes

Why North Shore Steel?

At North Shore Steel, all inventory is 100% traceable and all burned parts are produced following our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality program. Our company can perform material takeoffs from your drawings, reproduce your parts using SolidWorks, nest your project on our plate inventory, and then perform high-quality burning and beveling. North Shore Steel is determined to exceed expectations and industry standards in lead times, product offerings, and customer service.

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