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CNC Machining


Our Kinetic K5000 is a premier vertical machining, burning, and beveling CNC machine. By performing all these processes at one work station, we are able to produce extremely high quality burned parts with bevels, drilled holes, and more very efficiently.  

Capacity: Plasma (400 AMP), Oxy Fuel (up to 8” thick), 50 HP Vertical Spindle, 24 Carriage Tool Holder

Machining: Drilling (up to 4” dia.), Tapping, Boring, Countersinking, Slotting, and Face Milling

Beveling: CNC, 360° Contour

We also work with trusted vendors to provide a full range of precision turnkey machining services, including milling, turning, and more. Let us know if we can help with your next machining project.

Kinetic K5000XMC


Our Peddinghaus HSFDB is a premier plate duplicator with vertical machining, oxy and plasma cutting, and the ability to mark each part.

Capacity: Plasma (400 AMP), Oxy Fuel (up to 3” thick), 48 HP Vertical Spindle, 8 Carriage Tool Holder

Machining: Drilling (up to 4” dia.), Tapping, Boring, Countersinking, Slot Milling, Face Milling, Hole Milling

Steel Machining

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