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Welding & NDE

Although we are not a fabricator, we do offer some welding services to complement our other value added processes. Our primary welding offering is long seam and girth seam welding of cylinders and cones per ASME Sec I (S Stamp) and ASME Sec VIII Division I (U Stamp). Common applications include boilers, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers.

Our code welding capacity is up to 14’ diameter, up to 6” thick, and up to 120 tons.  We maintain U & S Stamps per ASME regulations using a combination of gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and Sub-Arc. This welding is performed on 5 new Lincoln sub-arcs, all outfitted with tandem wire capability. Flux-core is also available.  We also offer structural welding per AWS D1.1 with tolerances per API-2B.

Our code stamps, weld procedures (WPS), weld procedure pre-qualifications (PQR), and welder qualification records (WPQR) are available upon request. Procedures are qualified for post-weld-heat-treat (PWHT) and non-post-weld-heat-treat. We also provide production impact testing as required or requested.      

Our NDE provider has a dedicated staff onsite at our facility 24-7 performing UT (Ultrasonic), MT (Mag Particle), RT (X-Ray), PT (Dye Penetrant), VT (Visual), and other nondestructive examination services. Cobalt X-Ray is used for 3” thick and thicker welds, and we also offer digital X-Ray and phased array UT services. NDE personnel certifications and testing procedures are available upon request.

Steel Welding

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